Son of a Massachusetts farmer, Charles “Candy” Rogers moved to Victoria B.C. in 1885. He very quickly established a “green grocery” on the west side of Government Street, across from the location he would later develop into the iconic heritage store we call home today. Alongside the fruits and vegetables, Charles sold chocolates that were imported from San Francisco. He married a local girl, Leah Morrison and with tourists and locals buying up their sweets as fast as they could stock the shelves, Charles decided to begin making the chocolates himself. 

His very first and original creation, the Victoria Cream, quickly became a local favourite and thus began his career as Canada’s first chocolatier. While he developed his skills over a steamy cauldron in the backroom, Leah worked hard out front managing the retail store. Together they built a thriving business in the heart of British Columbia’s capital city.

Charles Rogers passed away in 1927, at the age of 73. By this time his chocolates were the choice of visitors from around the globe. Leah soon sold the business and focused her efforts to support her church as well as the less fortunate in her community. Leah passed away in 1952 at the age of 88.

Today, their legacy lives on, in their Heritage Store, seven other retail locations, and in the lives of loyal customers who understand the magical quality of carefully made, premium chocolates with a history.
A box of assorted christmas chocolates from Rogers Chocolates.