A pink and white ice cream sundae bar menu on the wall of a candy shoppe.

Pixie Candy Shoppe Get's A Dreamy Makeover.

We have exciting news! Pixie Candy Shoppe just got a little makeover, and let me tell you, it's sweeter than ever! We're talking about a freshly hand-painted ice cream menu board and a brand new selfie wall near the entrance. We like to keep it fresh around here so while we adored our previous menu board, it just felt like it was time for a little update. 

Who's Behind the Magic?

Now, you might be wondering who's responsible for this dreamy and ice-creamy design. Well, it's none other than the talented Chloë McKenzie, who goes by the Instagram handle @nosnostalgia. Chloë has always had a passion for art and is self taught; however, she credits an impactful high school teacher for opening her eyes to different mediums. 

  Chloë is a multifaceted creative pursuing her curiosities of clothing and interior styling, digital and lettering art, wedding decor, and floral design. Her passion lies in creating custom work for clients and she adores the opportunity to let her imagination run wild. We highly recommend working with this delightful human.


A Work of Art

Let's talk about that ice cream menu board for a moment. Chloë's artistic skills have transformed the ice cream menu into a whimsical canvas dripping with tempting ice cream and gleaming with gold accents. Our new easy-to-read board showcases our ice cream bar options. Choose from cones, sundaes, floats, or shakes and make them your own with a myriad of topping options. Our new pretty in pink ice cream bar is a feast for all your senses.

Capture the Moment

But wait there's more! We couldn't resist adding a new social feature to the shop so we decided to add a new selfie wall. Now you can strike a pose and capture the perfect instagram-worthy moment.

The wall is adorned with a familiar gold gilded frame that's big enough to fit you and your candy loving squad. It's the ideal backdrop for your next selfie or group photo.  

So, whether you're a candy connoisseur, an ice cream enthusiast, or just someone who appreciates a little whimsy, Pixie Candy Shoppe is the place to be. Come on down, indulge in our delightful treats, and don't forget to snap a selfie at our fabulous new wall. We can't wait to see you!

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