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When it comes to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Funko really delivers with a massive line of characters that many companies never even cover. However, Pop Vinyls are not the only thing Funko creates, and they have recently revealed they will be making a special wave of their infamous Mystery Minis figures for Marvel Studios What If…?. The first wave of Funko What If…? Mystery Minis will consist of:

  • Captain Carter Stealth Suit
  • T'Challa Star Lord
  • Zombie Captain America
  • Infinity Ultron
  • Gamora in Thanos Armor
  • Erik Killmonger
  • Apocalypse Black Widow
  • Party Thor
  • Frost Giant Loki
  • Doctor Strange Supreme
  • Zombie Scarlet Witch
  • Zombie Hunter Spider-Man
  • The Watcher in Power Armor